Where Words Fail, IT Speaks: ‘सूर निरागस हो!!’

Almost two decades ago, there was a remote place in outskirts of Mumbai, as good as a hill station. There lived a little girl-6 years old with her family. She was a very sincere girl. Every evening her mom used to go for a walk amidst the picturesque roads lined up with lush green trees and flowers all around. One fine day she decided to take her little girl along. The little girl wanted to play with her friends, but as sincere as she was, couldn’t say no to her mother. This was when her mother introduced her to a really sweet lady with a melodious voice. She happened to be a singing teacher who conducted Music classes for children of all age. Her mother decided to make the little girl stay there for an hour and just observe and listen to what was going on. The deal was, until her mother returned from evening walk, she was supposed to just sit there patiently and listen. Too difficult a task for a 6 year old right?? To her Mom’s amusement, the little girl was not restless, impatient or bored at all!!! Her parents decided to send her there every day for the Music classes. With all enthusiasm, anxiousness and zeal, the journey of this little girl began with the age old Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet (Classical Music)!! Rest is history…

As smart as you are, you might have easily figured out what this blog is all about. No brownie points for guessing it right- it’s on the power of Hindustani classical music and the impression it can create on people involved in it. I won’t keep it restricted to only Hindustani classical, but would like to generalize it to all kind of Music invented and followed since ages.

What is the thing that elates you the most? There can be many answers to this open ended question. Personally I feel, Music is one such thing that can leave a footprint in the most prodigious way. It allows one to express the personal inner state of mind and feelings and also brings in multiple positive effects to people into it. Researches have shown that there are several facets of human life, which get affected by music- be it  the social, emotional or psychological dimension. Interestingly it has the power of changing one’s mood and also reflecting the current state of mind at the same time!! Contradicting with itself, isn’t it?? One can easily make out if a person is going through emotional crisis or is in a happy elated mood just by his/her current playlist. The productivity of people working after listening to music is much more than those who prefer silence or no music.

One such form that I know of is Hindustani classical music. Being a hardcore fan and follower of this art form, I have personally experienced and seen the positive changes it has created. It proves to be one of the best healers. It is the purest form of music ever experienced. Anxiety and depression can be reduced by mere listening to Hindustani classical music, as if it is a medicine for the soul.  Apart from being soothing and serene, it has its own interpretation. It’s just like any movie of Christopher Nolan-the onus to interpret lies completely on you. It doesn’t have any boundaries and you are free to take it in your own sweet ways. It is considered as a way of expression in which freedom is a privilege. Shastriya Sangeet has many corollaries with human existence and life. Every Sur (note) of its Sapt Sur (seven notes) has its own significance. They are independent but yet so interdependent. They mingle in order to create an ambiance which is beyond my ability to describe in words! Every Raag (Raga), Surr (Note), Lay (Rhythm) and Taal (Beat) has its own ramification. The way they harmonize together and make a person feel sad, happy, tired, afresh and what not; is truly astounding!! One of the words to describe it would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (understatement still!!).

Music undoubtedly has the potential to influence moods, feelings, thoughts and emotions; it has the ability to change the emotional and physical state of people. It is thought to be a universal language that can conjure different demeanor’ of people until it grows on to them. Specific forms of music induce specific feelings. This supports, how important it is to choose the right form of music at the right time. I think the power of music to induce positive emotions may be the reason why one listens to a piece of music again and again (#inaloop). Also, these days, music therapy is known to have come into the limelight. It has started bearing fruits in medical science where it is well known to enhance the well-being of a person by reducing stress, distracting patients from unpleasant symptoms and helping heal naturally, better and speedily. I personally feel, that day is not far when people will actually realize the positive influence and consequences of listening to good healthy music and making it an integral part of their life, not just for leisure but for transforming themselves and leading a much better life.

This blog would be incomplete without the beautiful lyrics from my all-time favourite song from the movie Mission Kashmir. Best description of Music that I have come across (please excuse my English translation)-

“संगीत में है ऐसी फुहार, पतझड़ में भी जो लाए बहार…

Music has such a spark in it that it can bring spring season even in autumn;

संगीत को ना रोके दीवार, संगीत जाए सरहद के पार…

Music can’t be stopped by any wall, Music can cross the borders;

हो संगीत माने ना धर्म जात, संगीत से जुड़ी क़ायनात…

Music doesn’t believe in religion and caste, Music connects the whole universe;

संगीत की ना कोई ज़ुबान, संगीत में है गीता क़ुरान…

Music has no language, Music has the holy scripts like Geeta and Kuran in it;

संगीत में है अल्लाह-ओ-राम, संगीत में है दुनिया तमाम…

Music has Allah and lord Ram in it, Music has the entire world in it;

तूफ़ानों का भी रुख मोड़ता है, संगीत टूटे दिल को जोड़ता है…

Music can turn the direction of the storms, Music connects the broken hearts;”

P.S: I highly recommend to watch the Marathi movie Katyar Kaljat Ghusali (Hindi/English subtitles available). If not that then at least listen to songs. I bet you will leave me a Thank you note. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Where Words Fail, IT Speaks: ‘सूर निरागस हो!!’

  1. Yes kalyani compiled very well.
    With every word i was being driven to the all time great kundan lal saigals song…
    Sapt suran teen gram gao sab gunijan….
    Music is love, God, healer, companion, art expression, emotion , feeling, nature,passion,beauty,therapy and much more.
    The best part is it takes you to your own hidden uncharted territories and you get awestruck by the revelation.
    It introduces you to your own self your own being… And that’s why it is so strongly cosmic.
    Happy singing….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Kalyani very well written blog on one of my favourite subject. I love music and strongly belived in its healing power. One way to reach near god and for brahma anand.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good kalyani I also agree with you sangit e ek sadhna chhe. After reading your thoughts remembered a song Ye kesa sur mandir he jis me sangit nahi. Have jyare apne bhega thaisu tyare tane sanbhlisu right?

    Liked by 1 person

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