‘Pett Puja’ : 12 best food joints in the City!!

Recently I have realized that some of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances bank on me for having some lip smacking food in the city. If you are new to the city or if on a weekend you feel like trying something new, you are at the right place. Of all I know and after staying in the city for close to 3 years now, here are the top 12 must try places to satisfy your hunger- not in the preferential order!!

Disclaimer: I am not a food blogger or a fancy person, I am just a big time foodie who likes to explore new places and experiment anything and everything (vegetarian food) edible!!

  1. Café Madras, Matunga East

It was somewhere in 2015 that I was introduced to this place by one of my friends as the oldest south Indian restaurant in the city. The specialty of this place is there is a certain kind of rawness in the ambience and the food served. The items that I cannot resist but eat here are, Onion Rava Sada dosa, Upma podi and Pineapple sheera. Also the filter ‘kaapi’, Raagi dosa, Tuppa dosa and Mysore pakk are famous here. Be prepared to wait for more than 45 mins if you plan to visit this place on weekends or public holidays.

The Accolades of Cafe Madras!!

P.S: Here, there is a custom of sharing table with random people. Good luck with striking a conversation with them 😀

  1. B Bhagat Tarachand, Zaveri Bazaar

This One of the most authentic North Indian restaurant I have been to. They claim to have multiple branches across Mumbai, but the best (read original) is the outlet in Zaveri Bazaar. One must try Khicha Churi, Chaas bottle, dal tadka and Missi Butter roti here. Even though they have renovated this place recently, but it still seems to be a bit congested one.

Khicha Churri!!
  1. Pure Milk Centre, Ghatkopar East

Cheese burst pizza, Naaah!! Too mainstream. They serve cheese burst Masala Dosa. Believe me or not, if you love cheese and if you are craving for good food, you will literally feel like heaven at this place. With every single bite, you will have cheese oozing out from all directions. The amount of cheese and cream they use in a single dosa is easily enough to suffice 2 hungry people. A bit over rated but must try’s here are Cheese burst masala dosa, Mexican 5 layer dip with pasta and chocolate sandwich.

Cheese burst Masala Dosa

Tip: Order one dish at a time and you will know why!!! 😛

  1. Soda bottle Oppenerwala, BKC

Parsi community is supposed to be one of the oldest communities of Bombay. Here you will find authentic Parsi food, which tastes very much like home. The menu card reads very exotic names here. One must not miss having Kaanda bhajjiya, Tomato cheese macaroni and yummy authentic Desserts. This place is bliss for non-vegetarians in the city. You have many options to choose from. I can’t suggest anything in this space (due to obvious reasons ;)). The ambiance is just like a typical Parsi street with row houses.

Kaanda Bhajjiya
  1. Khau galli, Ghatkopar

Commonly known as the gujjuland of Mumbai, Ghatkopar Khau galli gives you variety of quick and yummy options. It’s a narrow street where you get anything and everything to eat (Vegetarian only). Being a Gujarati, I would suggest to have Papdi no lott aka Khichu, Khicha papad, Dabeli and Handhvo here. You can also try WTC’s red sauce Cheeze pasta and Momo’s here.

Pasta In making
  1. Britannia & Company restaurant, Fort

This is an age old Parsi restaurant in the Ballard estate area of Bombay. A place famous for Iranian food and brunches. As told by the owner, non-vegetarian food is famous here but not to worry if you are a hard core Vegetarian like me. You can try bun Maska, Biryani and dal here. Sometimes it’s about being at an authentic place and experimenting food rather than eating what you like to eat daily. There are other Iranian cafe’s nearby where you can try their special Mawa cake, Iranian chai and cupcakes. I was amazed observing that, these places are the social hubs for the Parsi community in the city.

Bun and Brun Maska

Note: They strictly follow the Sunday Fun day funda (they are closed on Sundays).

  1. Prithvi Café, Juhu

A very small cafe adjacent to the age old Prithvi theatre. The ambiance is very fresh with the hanging lights all around. My personal favorites’ here are the Aloo paratha’s, mixed veg and cheese Nachos and Kokum cooler. If you are lucky enough, you can spot a few celebrities here.

Prithvi cafe
  1. Sandwizzaa, Santacruz

Located near the Santacruz (W) station, a must try place for trying different types of sandwiches and toasts. The special sandwich masala they use is the magic ingredient that makes them the best sandwich walla’s in the city. The bread loaf here are so big and fresh that you end up being full with just half a sandwich. This is place is always crowded and I like the way they pack the sandwich for take away orders (it stays intact).

Sandwizzaa Cheese grill sandwich
  1. Maharaja Bhog, Powai

This is the place where you should go when you are missing the ‘Ghar ka khana’ and you have not had a complete meal since days. You only have the option of choosing from the Rajasthani and Gujarati unlimited thali that they offer. You get the feel of authentic home-made food and ambiance as good as a ‘haveli’.

Rajasthani Thali
  1. Joey’s Pizza, D.N Nagar/Square pizza, Marol

If you are a Pizza fan and bored of the same old Domino’s and Pizza hut- Joey’s and Square pizza are at your rescue. You have a unique choice of half and half pizza i.e. you can order 2 types of pizza-both will be 50:50. If, like me you have always wondered as to why we have a circle shape pizza and not any other shape, then square pizza will prove this as well. They offer good discounts and offers throughout the week.

Joeys Half and Half Pizza


  1. Spice Klub, Lower parel

Opposite to one of the largest mall in Mumbai i.e. High street Phoenix Mall is a lane full of restaurants which have their own unique food presentation styles for the ‘desi’est’ of the items!! Spice Klub is one such place which I feel is the best of the lot. You can’t help but resist the Pav Bhaji fondue, Test tube Pani Puri and frozen Kulfi here. I bet, if you are a creative person you would like this place.

Test Tube Pani Puri
  1. Sardar Pav Bhaji, Tardeo

Last but not the least on my list is the awesome Pav bhaji in the city. I like to call it as Pav ‘Butter’ Bhaji. The Bhaji is literally made in the slab of Amul butter. The texture, the taste and the smell might just make you forget your diet plans!! No matter what day of the week you are planning to go there, you have to stand in the queue for minimum of 30 minutes. But it’s totally worth it!!

Pav ‘Butter’ Bhaaji


This is not the complete list of my favourite restaurants in the city, but these are surely the ones which top my list- any day, anytime (not in the order though)!! If you want to know more of such places, then feel free to reach out to me via any of the social media platforms pinned on my home page. I would be happy to help!! If you are too happy with this list and wish to treat me at some place that you know of is famous, then don’t hesitate- I will be happy to tag along and get treated 😀

After all, the people who love to eat, are the best people always!!!!

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