THE guy with a PINK balloon

One fine night, at around 10:30 p.m. while returning from the office, I saw a guy in mid-thirties heading home from a really hectic day (so it seemed!). He had his patch worked cloth bag- which probably had his lunch ‘Dabba’ and a few documents & things that he might have carried to work. It seemed to be a pretty heavy bag – I say so as it was just on the verge of reaching its breaking point. As it was a bit dark and I couldn’t see clearly – I wondered – had he distributed the things in 2 different bags, it would have been easier for him to carry it!! I kept on observing him from the front seat of my cab. As we passed by him closely, my eyes could not stop but observe that his other hand had a very pretty pink balloon with white polka dots in it. The smile and happiness on his face with which he was holding the balloon cannot be describe in mere words. Seeing this, effortlessly tears rolled down my cheeks. Quickly wiping them off, I realized that within no time I had figured out (in my sub conscious mind) that the man was going home (a nearby ‘basti’ that I know of) from a long tiring day, with a pink polka balloon for his little daughter who was eagerly waiting for him or probably asleep while waiting for her dad to come back home. This was simply enough to trigger my lacrimal glands.

Right from the day we are born to the day he is in this world, there are infinite instances to prove that we have a silent observer, friend, guide, mentor, critic, philosopher or whatever you want to call him as. A ‘superhero’ is what I personally would like to refer HIM as. Even after our 100’s of wrong doings, multiple arguments, and innumerable failures – HE is the constant. HE is just like a candle which burns down completely to light lives.

Since childhood, right from deciding as to which school to take admission in, which hair cut to have on Sundays, which cycle to ride, what sports to play, what adventure to take up, what hobbies to develop, what career to choose, which festivals to celebrate & learn, what activities to take up…HE is there. Be it smallest of the things. Even though we tend to look out for our mom for everything, there is a silent soul backing it up in every small way possible. Not that he doesn’t like being credited or applauded for things, but that is how it is. Simple yet complicated!!

Chances are high that we might have a few of the fond-common memories of childhood like, HIM coming home from his daily job and playing ‘Kanda Bataka’ (a self-invented game where the child gets on dad’s shoulders), giving a chance to ‘Ride’ the Bajaj scooter by simply allowing to stand in the front and hold the scooter handle, giving his half ice cream cone as that was the sole purpose of buying an ice cream cone and not a cup, drawing a piece of art with dotted lines and claiming that he did nothing and it was completely done by ME, completing a science project/homework that was to be done without anyone’s help… Along with these were those scary incidents like, while travelling in train during holiday time, HIM getting down on the platform to buy some eateries or a bottle of water for us and all of a sudden the train starts – that fear of him being left behind and us yelling “come fast Pappa, get on the train!!” or as a matter of fact, asking for a signature on the report card (with low marks) and daily diary (with a complaint from the class teacher) from the school!! Everyone has a phase in life, when no one is ready to certify them for being adults. HE is the 1st one to trust and give the Car/2 wheeler keys or even to allow for movies and school trips with friends.

There are some things that even time can never change. Here’s an ode to every girl’s superhero, the Man whom she loves unconditionally, with a silent fear of getting away with every year passing by. Concluding it with my favourite quote from a well-known author- “There is something like a line of gold thread running through a man’s words when he talks to his daughter, and gradually over the years it gets to be long enough for you to pick up in your hands and weave into a cloth that feels like love itself!!!”

P.S: There have been many articles and blogs on mother’s unconditional love and women in general. But there have been rare cases that I have come across something related to the all the Dad’s out there. Frankly speaking, when we near the father’s day all the social media platforms are flooded with related posts. This is an attempt to make everyone realize that we don’t need a specific day to celebrate the spirit of a Fatherhood. And Yes to all those wondering, I have a super dad who – no matter what, is there for me in any possible circumstance or situation!!! 🙂

16 thoughts on “THE guy with a PINK balloon

  1. Oh my God!!
    Beautiful description of blessed relationship between daughter and father.
    Daughter always favours father and father always favours daughter.
    I think this bond is the strongest bond in the universe.
    Kallu Ur blogs are always heart touching but this was the bursting one.

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  2. Hi beta -this takes me down memory lane. That alu onion on my back…. Piggy rides, xx
    Those adventures to lonavla,mahabaleshwar, Sikkim, vaishnodevi – kasmir- rafting n trekking – where you took more risk than others. How u lovingly teased kirtidadaji n jasuba,Quarrels with brother for window seat, those special dols,Hanuman gada from fairs, bedtime stories where you knew I was half asleep n yet kept on listening with curiosity, numerous journeys to Vadodara, swimming, chess, badminton, quiz n singing competitions where we were together n you won so many times making us proud… performance at college – winning a bronze, nukkad dramas, Iim iit k, and the dholi girl…So many sports cultural n social activities ….
    Even today when you ask for a balloon I just feel as if you are a 5 year old….
    I always remember n cherish those moments when you scolded me -as if my mother!!!!
    And the best – a pure hearted human being with high regards for tradition, ethics, values n behavior.
    Thanks for this tribute to all fathers- my dear angel.

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