Wrapping it up…Goodbye 2017…

As the year is about to end, I thought of compiling a couple of good things, that I am grateful for in the year 2k17. I have never had an experience of writing on my personal life so far, but this is an attempt to try my hands on and get out of my comfort zone and recollect the ‘good’ things that have happened to me this year!!! Come on, even you might have this list. Here it is, not going by the chronological order-

  1. “My people” (read family) are all hale and hearty: Health comes as the topmost priority in life. And when it comes to family, any member falling sick or feeling unwell concerns me the most. With god’s grace and grandparent’s blessings my people are safe, sound and healthy. Touch wood!! Of course, there were a few rough patches. There was a time when the workaholic of our family was forced to rest compulsorily for almost 1-1.5 months (as if he had a long-credited account of sound sleep since ages!!) and the backbone of the family had her sugar levels to an all-time high mark. But all in all, life’s good.
My people
  1. Convocation: The much awaited moment since I entered the institute was to attend my own convocation. After combined efforts from faculties, juniors and batch mates, the day had come when I saw myself in that black robe and the hat. By far that was one of the moments I would cherish for my lifetime. I still remember that excitement in my parents eyes while I went upstage to receive the ‘Bronze’. That was the last time I officially stepped out of NIT, Surat- the place which made me what I am today.
Convocation-NIT Surat
  1. Getting an opportunity to make a small difference: Being associated with Teach for India as a volunteer was by far the most amazing experience I have had. Not only I got to learn a lot of things but also started valuing the trivial things in life which were unconsciously taken for granted. Having an opportunity to mentor someone through Udaan and Mentor together, one day picnics, being a storyteller and many more helped me grow as a better person. Without a doubt, things like these helps one to be humble and stay grounded.
Giving Back…
  1. Advancing from being a family of 4 to family of 5: I am blessed with a sister in law ‘bhabhi’ in the form of a friend with a fine and a beautiful soul. We shared many things in common and it was just like meeting someone like me but not me. May be, exactly what our family wanted as my replacement. From hashtags to the skill of expressing, from garba to the musical concert, from posing to boomerangs and what not- undoubtedly a perfect match for my brother! On a lighter note, now we have a full time personal physiotherapist in the family. If you break a bone or your hamstring gets stiff, you know whom to get in touch with.
Here we turn from a family of 4 to a family of 5…
  1. One of the topmost items getting ticked in my bucket list: The strong urge to listen to Sir Rahman Live was what I wanted since a very long time. It all got materialised on 17th December. The feeling can’t be described just in words. The concert lasted for almost 3 hours and it couldn’t have been any better. Right from his oldest albums to the latest one, it was a complete package. Also, the year 2017 was a year of musical concerts- from the Udayswar concerts @ Prithvi to Shankar Mahadevan & Ustaad Zakir Hussain’s jugalbandi. The year saw it all. Losing a count of all such concerts is a proof in itself!!
Bucket list…
  1. Growing in the career with small but multiple jumps: Someone has rightly said, everyone achieves THINGS at their own time and pace. This year has indeed been a fulfilling one in this aspect. I consider myself blessed to have got such good mentors, managers and colleagues to help me figure out things and strive for even better.
Office diaries…
  1. Exploration diaries: The year 2017 didn’t show me many different destinations as such, but it did make sure that I explore almost every place in Mumbai. I am content with the fact that few of my friends follow my instagram handle (@kalyanishelat11) religiously to check out the unexplored places in Mumbai and of course to have the most delicious food nearby. This has given me a serious thought of starting my own food blog or a travel diary (Ummm not at all a bad idea!!)
Exploration & Food hogging…
  1. A dream come true when I tied the Dhol for the 1st time during Ganapati festival: Back in 2015, the day I stepped in this city, I had a secret wish of being a ‘dhol vadak’ in any of the good groups in Mumbai. With all the dedication, sweat, hard work and support ‘IT’ happened. Initially it was more of an “I can do it” feel rather than “I want to do it”. After 6 months of rigorous practice sessions which ate up every Sunday of mine, the day had arrived. It was when I first played it @Parel cha raja Ganapati. To mention a few more we covered bidding farewellsto various Gannu bappas in Wadala, Mulund, Chembur, Kurla and Navi Mumbai. I had never imagined myself being a temporary Maratha, tying that ~10kg dhol on my waist for hours together and be happy about it. There was absolutely no sign of laziness or fatigue whatsoever. It gave me the energy, the stamina and most importantly the belief that nothing is impossible if you put in your best efforts. Doubting our own potential is something all of us do wrong.
Dream come true…
  1. Proud owner of my own blogging site: It was the Christmas time in the office and my secret Santa with the help of my constant Santa, gifted me my own blogging site!! This was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received so far. I was totally amazed by my Santa’s gesture. Yes, you read it right!! After today, you would read me on kalyanishelat.com. The website is still under construction but I promise that my 1st blog of the year 2018 would be there. Apart from this, this year saw many other beautiful gifts for which I am really thankful. Glad to have people around who don’t leave a chance to make me feel special.
  1. Last but not the least, the list would be incomplete without this one. Having THE F.R.I.E.N.D.S to boost me up whenever needed, to cheer me up during rough patches, to be my side during crisis, to share and celebrate my small wins and happiness, to make beautiful memories and to make me feel valued and respected in every little way possible. Some left, some came back, some stayed constant, some lost touch, some I lost the touch with, some I met anew and some who never left.
Including all was not feasible, so here are few of them…

The year has been a perfect blend of high and low notes, failures and glories, dullness and happiness, stressful times and carefree days. Heartfelt thanks to all those who made me realize what I am worthy of and what I deserve. With mixed feelings and positive vibes, I am ready to turn the next page of the calendar. Looking forward to see what the year 2018 has in store for me. Yeah, fingers crossed!!! 🙂

Wishing everyone a very happy 2018!!! Make the most of it. Adios, Amigo!

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