Not something that is unknown to most of us, right?? Infinite theories, poems and articles have been written on this particular topic. But still I choose to blog on this is because of 2 major reasons: 1. I have been thankfully blessed with ‘good’ friends in all the different phases of my life (so far) and 2. Because today is International friendship day!!

Gone are those days when celebrating friendship was all about counting the number of friendship bands and chocolates you would get. May be we were too naïve at that point in time, when these things mattered more than attendance in the class or studying algebra or even history for that matter. Friendship day simply meant wishing everyone, in fact anyone and exchanging those satin threads. I don’t think that we were wrong or silly, but as the calendar years have passed, I personally feel a paradigm shift in the concept of friendship. The entire perception has changed.

I still remember, during childhood days; the person who used to sit beside you in the school bus was your friend, one who used to share the same bench, melody chocolate or tiffin dabba with you was your friend, one who used to give you those brown covered notebooks to copy-for what you have missed in the class when you were absent was your friend. The definitions were so innocent and simple at that time. Isn’t it?? Taking a moment here to think of my best friend since kindergarten (yes I am in touch with her till date!!). I don’t know when we started thinking or telling everyone that we were best friends. We were inseparable and used to take pride in being together the whole time in school, be it P.T period, recess, annual functions, singing classes or even washroom!!! Any friend’s birthday party was incomplete without each other’s mere presence. That was the time when most of us had a best friend who used to be favoured over others (Pause. And Think!!)

Gradually as time progressed, the definition of friendship started becoming complicated and customized at the same time. Everyone had a different say on that. With the extent of vulnerability and emotional quotient of every individual it took its own course. Friendship started shaping as per requirements. During that phase we would start finding it in someone whom we could share your secrets with, we could gossip about others, we could share our problems with, we could basically open up to and say our heart out loud. This came with a combo offer of ‘no fear of being judged’. Some found it in a college friend, hostel mate, junior college friend or simply a neighbour.

With every gradual step of life, we get to know a lot of people; some of which become friends; out of which, some stay for a longer period of time, some leave in a short span, some lose touch, some try to be updated every now and then, some care up to the maximum extent possible while some don’t even give a damn about. There is an important study based on the size of the human brain. It shows that everyone, on an average has around 150 people in their whole universe; of which there are 50 people who are worth being invited at home for dinner, then you are left with those 15 whom you turn up to in times when you need support or some sort of a comfort. And the final cut is of 5 people who are your whole world (apart from parents or spouse), called as your inner circle (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.).

As I had thought, that I would NOT be writing something that you people already know or which you get to hear every time. I would like to take a pause here and remember each friend of mine, the moments spent with them and of course the memories woven together (of course everyone has a truckload of them). It feels like all somehow fitted like a jigsaw puzzle, every part of which is tini-tiny but very important. Things were may be easier because of them and the bumpy ride of life got a bit smoother. It is often said that a man is known and made by the company he keeps. I don’t know how true this is, but I would like you to believe this as a lemma.

Note: It would be too clichéd to wish YOU a happy friendship day; so I would avoid doing that. While writing this blog I could not stop recollecting and remembering each one of you who came in my life, left me, stayed for/with me, laughed with me, cried with/for me, shared with me, looked up to me, helped me, ditched me, ignored me and the list can go on… Try spotting yourself in the feature picture of this blog.

P.S: Feel lucky if this blog link is in your Facebook messenger box. It is a dedication to YOU. You are somewhere responsible for me writing this one. Putting it in other words, YOU are a part of My Inner Circle.

The image wasn’t a complete fit up there so here is the clear and a complete one 🙂


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