Diversion Ahead!! 

“Two woods diverged in the yellow woods……….” this beautiful piece of art by Robert Frost made me think as to what it is like to be in such situation when you have equally appealing ‘datasets’ and you are supposed to choose one. Somewhere deep within you want to choose both and see how it turns out to be. Your curious mind doesn’t allow you to make a quick decision and here you are wondering to all the possible what if scenarios lined up in life post that. As someone has rightly said “Life is a constant oscillation between the sharp horns of dilemma”.

Even in everyday life there are certain situations where something that you decide on acts as a game changer. I am sure many of you would nod your head while reading this. Most of us have been in such situations when you are pointed out and put at the center stage by ‘life’. The thought of choosing from something is scary in itself, provided that you know-it might mould your future (may be for worst or for better than what you had imagined it to be). This is the moment when all the theories that we have heard, read and spoken about the ‘chances’ ‘choices’ and ‘being lucky’ pass by our mind as a movie script. All of a sudden you have cold feet and you go numb. Why is it have to be so complex that you are compelled to choose something that you are not sure of? Why can’t it be as easy as the beautifully placed Ctrl+Z (undo) command in Microsoft office? WHY??

When I was taught “The Road not taken” by my English teacher at school, I had a very strong urge to question things. Things like why was the narrator at such crossroads of life? Why was it that he had to choose only from the 2 roads that he could possibly see? Why didn’t he take the one more travelled? Honestly speaking, that was the time when I used to think that it might be just in the literature textbooks-nothing for real. But as time unveiled its own course, right from which career option to opt for to which institute to choose; from whom to be friends with, to which papers/electives to choose; from which corporate to choose, to whom to spend the rest of your life with!!! Believe me or not, but the list is just like dividing some number with 0- where you conveniently end up at infinity!! (It’s an oxymoron if you observed it right-”Ending at infinity”!!). Wherever and at whatever crucial juncture of life you are at, facing a dilemma is inevitable. Unless you are so sorted as a person that you exactly know what and how you want things in life. (I am sure I will get a ‘nod of agreement’ on this).

What I have learned so far is, ‘it’s better not to think too much about the choices that you have made or have to make in future, answers generally tend to come to a relaxed mind; time allows things to fall into place and finally a calm attitude yields the best of results!! Thinking about the consequences before even acting and mapping down the possibilities or probabilities of the outcomes doesn’t yield much but just waves of disturbances in mind and soul’.

Somewhere in the world there is an epigram for every dilemma”.

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