A wrinkle in time: Memories….यादें…आठवणी…યાદો…etc.

What is one of the fondest memory that you have? I am sure everyone does have something on their plate, for memory is a diary that we all carry with us in every walk of life. After a long thought I came down to a topic to write on. Well, in a way it’s an effort to add one more page in my own little diary of memories. Is it not??

What comes first to you mind when you read the title? I can bet that 60% of the readers might have already traversed half way through their memory lanes and the rest might be just on the verge of stepping into that very world. Such a powerful word this is!! Without a doubt it leaves such an impact on our complex cerebral hemispheres that a person tends to get carried away so easily, hearing the word MEMORIES. A word of caution here- even though I am a mathematician, it doesn’t mean that you believe in the random statistics that I provide throughout the blog. Better put a disclaimer rather than being questioned on the authenticity of data! Yes I am playing smart.

Diving into the world of memories is easy for a few while very difficult for others. Have you ever thought as to why?? It all drills down to the environment that one is brought up in. For example, if as a child there are things which are not worth remembering, it would be difficult to recollect things and make a store out of it. It works the exactly opposite if you had many good things to choose from. Stating it in layman’s terms, “memories are a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are and the things you never want to lose in life”. So according to my personal findings and observations, one always tries to weave a necklace of memories which revolve around the things that matter in life. After all who wants to remember bad things? Not that there is an escape to those.

Having a perfect blend of memories in the 3:1 ratio of good is to bad is what I consider to be ideal. It’s based on some math that has gone behind this. There is no proper definition attached to it. My book of research says that remembering and clinging on to good things is 3 times better than the counterpart. It is often seen that one of the reason why people hold onto memories so tight is because they are the only things that don’t change with time. It’s a different topic of discussion all together that there are theories revolving around the famous saying-“change is the only constant”.

Adding another perspective to it, I would say memories are the gifts that shows us- life even through the toughest time is worth living. You might be thinking that why for almost everything is there a need to draw a corollary with life? I would say, just the way visuals leave a better impact on one’s mind, on the similar lines-the context to life leave a strong impression in one’s soul. Accepting and understanding that every memory has a soundtrack of its own which is not to be tampered with, is what keeps us going. So far I have learned that the best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy or gift from a store, but in the memories we make with the people we love and care about. At time they turn out to be so powerful that they sneak out of the eyes and roll down the cheeks. They are the special moments that tell our story.

Leaving you with a thought here-

“A bad memory is just a stepping stone to a better one. Live freely. Make memories. Create them when required. Have enough to tell your grandchildren about. Happy living” 🙂

2 thoughts on “A wrinkle in time: Memories….यादें…आठवणी…યાદો…etc.

  1. “..weave a necklace of memories which revolve around the things that matter in Life..” ☺😇

    My mind was running parallely through memory lanes while I was reading this blog!
    This is ‘rich’ writing. First time I felt that the blog was complete with no abrupt end to any of the thoughts! You are evolving as a good blogger!

    Kudos to you and Congratulations!

    At some points, I felt that the research you do for the topic directly comes into the blog word-by-word, which dilutes the originality I feel. You may have to work around it.

    Overall, a fantastic read to start a day with Good memories; 3:1!
    Memories won’t change with the time, however the richness in your writing surely will!
    KeEp HaPpY WriTinG! 😊

    “At times they (memories) turn out to be so powerful that they sneak out of the eyes and roll down the cheeks…”

    Liked by 1 person

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