Loneliness and solitude are two words which are semantically very close. For a layman, having a sense to distinguish between such confusing yet straight words is a tough job indeed. So simply putting it in a straightforward way, “solitude is by choice, while loneliness is a state of mind.” In case of a dilemma in choosing between these two, a lemma needs to be known- ‘It’s quite easy to enjoy something that you choose’. 😉

Generally, majority of the folks prefer being surrounded by people; be it family, relatives, friends, neighbours, or even strangers in this case. Strange!! Isn’t it? The major reason being, the fear of not having a company; rather putting it in a different way- it is something which is psychological. Based on certain facts, it can be concluded that, best of the things which are discovered or happen to any individual are in SOLITUDE. It is quite obvious that when you ‘choose’ being on your own with yourself the outcome is in your favour. If the fear of being alone is gradually converted into enjoying one’s own company, then half of the things are done.

A question that arises over here is: What possibly can be the reasons for people not preferring solitude? Is it just of fear or something else? The answer lies in introspection. Sometimes people lack the self-confidence required to face the situations or conditions encountered in day-to-day life, often pushing an individual to choose the path where most of the junta is-surrounded by people, more and more people.

It is often seen that solitude is the path which leads to creativity, clarity of thoughts, controlled actions and indirectly Happiness. In today’s very hectic and fast pacing life, it’s indeed very important to find some ‘ME’ time. Sometimes, simply not caring and craving about the fact that whether one has, a galaxy of friends or just a handful of them, and choosing solitude-often results in peace and bliss. The ones who enjoy this phase, understand that a lot is waiting to be explored and achieved.Rather than running away and treating it as an unfriendly ghost, facing and experimenting with it, might produce amazingly unexpected results. It is such a condition, when one gets to know a lot of qualities about one’s own self. Moreover it gives a sense of contentment and peacefulness. Solitude is indeed beautiful, provided it is taken in the right spirit.

Ending it with a famous quote-

Language… has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone”. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Congrats Kalyani. It is a good attempt. Solitude is good as it is like still water. It gives a still actual picture,, a reflection of true self. It is so clear that it gives u a choice and an option to fine tune. That’s the reason that in solitude lies creativity..

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  2. Kalyani,

    Nice try !!! I would say the idea of solitude did come brilliantly in the article but please try to give it a contemporary touch by giving some instances and incidents. else the article becomes too philosophical and the reader may lose the chain of your thought.

    but the bottom line is- Keep them coming !!!! keep writing

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