A journey called “LIFE”

To begin with,I am no good a writer nor a voracious reader. All I know is that the best way to express yourself is through writing whatever comes to your mind. And so, here I am! Here goes my first attempt at writing a blog.

Turning the pages of my Life so far, back in school days we were told-“Your life starts the moment you step out of  school”. That was the time when I, rather we used to wonder as to how this NEW world would be?Will there be people from a different planet?Or will there be an entire new species invading us?Full with zest and eagerness-here WE were, ready to embrace whatever life had in store.
As a freshmen in one of the topmost institutes of our country, confidence and the curiosity to face the “bahar ki duniya” was quite evident. Of this confidence and the anxiety emerged the urge to give a channel to the thoughts and thus trying a hand on one of the amazing arts-‘the art of writing’.

The way how a butterfly emerges from the cocoon, gradually but visibly the life unveils itself. Life has never been easy for people who have chosen to walk down the path of adventures. Its a sure shot to face adversities on this path, but along with the adversities comes a feeling of enthusiasm, anxiousness, confidence and most importantly satisfaction from one’s own self. Mathematically, more curvier your path is, more are the chances of complexities, thus paving the way to discoveries to interpret it. Comparing at large, this very concept with life,it is quiet evident that, more zigzag and topsy-turvy your path is, the more you evolve and discover yourself as you transcend this trail.

Life,for an ambitious and a passionate being, certainly is never predictable and easy-going. There will be phases of extreme happiness, utter grief, sorrow, combos of what one can call highs and lows and the list goes on and on. The people who know how to handle these very emotions, are the ones who manage finding a way through such adverse conditions. In contrast, the people sailing in the other boat often give up half way, thus bringing the undesired discontinuity.
The former sect, often lands up discovering some things out of the box or one can say they pave the way to self discovery. Discovering oneself is an amazing art that no one is born with. Sometimes, we face such situations where we break or we simply think of it as a dead end. Instead of breaking, if we face that very situation with a different perspective-surly, some positivity is waiting to be discovered. Every twist, every turn, every little move is planned perfectly by some divine energy. With all due respect accepting this package as it is, and shaping it in our favour is entirely upto us. Its commonly said that you are the one, responsible for what you are today;supporting this very thought, you are the sole architect of your life. No matter what others say or what they think, you can mould your life the way you like it. Once moulded, there is no room for regression. A very simple funda goes like, ‘Life lived with no regrets is the one looked up at’.

Moving ahead on this path of discovering yourself, there will be times of ‘self made’ grief. But once we realise that life is much above and much more than all these emotions, that’s the point where we actually start living. Once the threshold is achieved, then none of the “external factors” actually matter; confidence of a different kind is achieved thus giving birth to a new relationship with one’s own self.

Moreover, there will be certain situations where however hard we try, end results wont be in our favour. During such a time, one single thought helps us sustain- “this too shall pass”. Uttering this very thought to oneself helps. Taking it further, if it doesn’t then thinking that, “this is the worst that can happen. If we have survived this then its quite sure that we can take any ‘condition’ in the future” keeps us going.

Quoting a well known author-
“The world is indeed a better place where there is love, acceptance, positivity and hope. Powered by these, YOU can indeed overcome anything,including destiny”.

On a concluding note-
“Life is indeed beautiful if you love it and live every moment. Embracing failures as a part and parcel of Life and accepting defeats with grace is how it is supposed to be. Its such a recipe which is a mixture of 100’s of ingredients, the key ingredient being ’emotions’. Let them flow,learn to accept them and realise them. So Live every moment because you never know, ‘kal ho na ho’ “. 🙂

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